3 Traits of An Effective Leader

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Leaders are born, not made is a common statement we often hear. This may be true to some extent as well. This does not mean that if you are born in a privileged family you are more likely to rule. It just means there are certain genetic traits that make it easier for certain people to lead. The first and foremost is charisma. Leaders are usually charismatic individuals.

The best example we can take at this instance is of Adolf Hitler. How he arranged such a mass genocide is only because of his qualities as a leader. However, it is not uncommon to pickup leadership traits along the way. That is the reason they make schools where they teach leadership. It is a skill which can be acquired with a basic understanding of the human psyche. Leaders are people who do not only have a great understanding of the world surrounding them but also have understanding of their own emotions.

  1. Understand Thy Self

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Great leaders of the world have a good understanding of how they are as people. They know what makes them ‘tick’; they know what makes them angry and what makes them ecstatic. They also know just how to mask their emotions. Let’s discus a phenomenon known as non-verbal communication; human beings cannot read minds but they can read faces. There are simple ways one can show their emotions through their facial expressions and their body postures. Learning to control such movements give you power over others.

Before you can control what message your body may give away, you have to understand what your thoughts are.

  1. Understand Others

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A good leader should never be aloof to what others are feeling. The leader should be someone people are willing to open up to and share their concerns. If this is not the case a lot can go wrong under the leader’s nose without his/her knowledge. The leader not only needs to understand his/her own emotions but should also understand others emotions. It is essential to have empathy for another person in order to be o top of a conversation. Non-verbal communication occurs both ways. There are often simple ways to know what the other person is feeling. A simple example is that if a person is genuinely smiling their smile would reach their eyes. You would see wrinkles near the sides of the person’s eyes.

Similarly if a person severely dislikes something or is disgusted by it, you will see wrinkles on the person’s nose. The idea is not to only understand such emotions but to act on them quickly. If you notice that a person is uncomfortable with something you should change the topic immediately. A high EQ is essential when it comes to leadership. Knowing your staff makes you more effective as you know exactly what their capabilities are and what areas may require some polish.

  1. Know Thy Subject

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When you are a leader, you are automatically expected to know more than others. Everyone believes that you are at the higher post because you have more knowledge than they do. Never let them dispel his belief. The day people start believing that you aren’t aware of what you are dealing with is the day they start questioning your authority. You aren’t only expected to know about the subject you are dealing with but you are also supposed to have a good general knowledge. READ,READ AND READ MORE.

Try to gain knowledge about the world and different subjects. This does not mean that you should act like a ‘know it all.’ People who act like know-it-alls are generally despised as leaders; they are mocked and ridiculed behind their backs.  It is essential that you act humble. There is no harm in taking suggestions from others even if you feel you already have the answer. When staff makes suggestions hey generally feel more involved in the business thus are more loyal to it.

Being a leader may seem hard initially. Some people may be born with the gift but others have to learn to make it work. It doesn’t matter which category you fall in, because we all make mistakes and learn throughout our lives.  A good leader is like a mentor. People want to take advice from this person. Just be available for your staff and you will see that they will respect you and work for you effectively. Learn to appreciate people for their capabilities and find a way to keep them close.

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