Role of in Digitalizing Healthcare in Pakistan


In Pakistan, over the past few years, technology has transformed the way we used to live our lives. It is now very easy to book a ride, find handyman services, and listen to the favorite music online – the list is huge. Healthcare perhaps was one arena where the changes were not as prominent as they are for other sectors. The standard of medical facilities in the country is known to all. The ratio of patient to doctor is also very alarming. In such a turbulent situation, someone had to take an initiative to help people find the best healthcare facilities conveniently. is exactly the platform that has digitalized the healthcare sector to a great extent in Pakistan.

Hayaat is basically an Arabic word that means ‘life’. The meaning of its name is exactly the ideology behind this project. Currently operating in 4 different cities of Pakistan, vows to help people get easy access to healthcare facilities.

How is Transforming the Healthcare Sector?

Some areas where this platform can be useful are:

Find a Doctor is changing the conventional ways of how people used to find the medical facilities in their nearby areas. Using the service, you can easily find a doctor online. It will display a list of the available healthcare centers near your location. Not only can users get a list of the nearby hospitals but book an appointment online with expert doctors as well. Finding doctors was never this easy. Besides the location, people can look for doctors based on the specialty.

Locate Nearby Emergency Centers enables you to find emergency centers near your location. The app uses your GPS location to provide the list of all available emergency centers around you. No matter what time it is, you can simply open the app and start browsing.

Find Blood Donors

In case of accidents, it can be very tough to find blood donors on time particularly when the required blood group is rare. helps you in finding blood donors at your ease. Needy people just have to provide details about their location and the desired blood group. After that, a list of available donors will be displayed in no time.

Health Tips

Through the health blog, is offering valuable tips on different matters related to healthcare. Readers can get information about numerous topics to stay healthy. The fact that is only directed towards the healthcare sector makes it stand out from the rest. In short, everything related to healthcare is available in one place.

Access to Medical Records

With the arrival of the digital age, managing and storing information has become easier than ever before. However, there are very fewer services running right now where patients can get access to their lifelong medical history. This is where comes to the rescue. It allows people to get a hold of all their past medical records and coordinate in time of need.

Bridging the Gap

Through the open community, people can get answers to their questions related to medical issues. makes it easier to connect with other people who have faced similar conditions previously.

All this combined with a great commitment to serving humanity makes it a great project. It certainly has revolutionized the healthcare sector to a great extent. Although a lot needs to be done as there is always room for improvement, is nothing less than a blessing for the people of Pakistan.

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