Do Little Things Matter To Make Your Life Happy?

The common practice is to keep running after happiness and considering it a destination. ‘I will be happy when I will complete my education’; ‘I will be happy when I will get a job’; ‘I will be happy when I will get married’ etc. This is the ‘Arrival Fallacy’ because happiness is not a destination; it is there in the journey. When you consider it a destination, you forget to live in the moment and enjoy the present. In fact, happiness is all around you. You just need to have the vision to see it. You will be amazed to see the impact of little things in making your life happy.You don’t really need to have a big house, a cool car or a branded watch in order to be happy. Happiness can be attained by doing and appreciating really little things that most of the times don’t even cost a penny.

  1. Talking with friends

Loneliness nurtures depression. If you have friends who care about you and are there for you whenever you need them, you are really gifted. Talking with friends; sharing your problems and expressing yourself makes you feel light, supported and happy. Out of the busy hours of your day take some time out to sit with friends and just talk. Many a times a thoughtful question from a friend like “What is your favorite childhood memory?” puts a smile on your face and makes you swim in the breeze of nostalgia as you start telling your favorite story. Such a question also strengthens your bond with friends as you realize that they care to know about you and about what makes you happy.

  1. Smile

Smile is contagious. Research has shown that smiling actually improves mood and makes a person feel better. Make it your habit. Start your day with a smile on your face. Go out and meet people with a smile, to receive smiles in return. Seeing other people with a welcoming smile gets you closer to them. You receive the same cordial and warm response from them. For you smile is a mood booster, energizing and healthful.

  1. Spending time with children

Children are a lot more enthusiastic, joyful and happier than adults. Playing with children brings happiness and joy. Do little things matter to make your life happy? Yes, they do! Take some time out and play hide and seek with a 4 year old. You will really enjoy his innocence and enthusiasm as he hides behind the same curtain again and again but still laughs every time he gets caught. This is how happiness feels like, watch him laugh. Smile at his innocence. Yes, happiness is as simple as that.

  1. Rain

Rain is loved by many. Some people love to walk in rain while others just like seeing it from the balcony. Whichever type you are, rain will make you feel happy and the moment after rain is even more pleasant. Everything smells clean and fresh. If you don’t like walking in rain, just walk afterwards. This will make you happy and refreshed.

  1. Watching children play

Children are adorable. Playing with them definitely brings happiness but they are so amazing that even seeing them play puts a smile on your face. As you watch them play, they remind you of something that is no more with you now. William Blake puts it “Such such were the joys/when we were girls and boys.” Walk through children’s park on your way home and see how those little angels teach you to take life easy and have fun.

  1. Nature

Technology has drifted us away from nature and its beauty. We are so busy on our smart phones that we don’t have any time to look up at the beautiful trees, the majestic mountains or the amazing birds. Stay close to nature; its colors and its beauty will just leave you speechless. We belong to nature; when you spend time with nature, it uplifts your spirits. You will want to sit down silently and observe it again and again.

  1. Helping others

Helping others brings peace and satisfaction. It can be as small as holding the door for someone or as big as saving a life. Knowing that you can be of any service to people and can bring smile on their faces is just amazing. It makes you feel good about yourself and makes you realize your worth. Little things really matter to make your life happy and if those little things include making others’ lives happy, your life will automatically become happier.

  1. An outdoor lunch

A change from routine makes one feel happy. Doing the same things every day, in the same manner at the same time, following the same schedule is just so boring. Take a break someday, don’t cook and head to your favorite restaurant to dine out or just plan a picnic with friends or family or both.

  1. Shopping

Well, this one requires money but not necessarily. If your pocket is not allowing you to shop, just don’t care about it. Plan a day out with friends, go to market and enjoy window shopping. The giggles with friends, the laughs and seeing all sorts of beautiful things on the mall are guaranteed to make you happy.

  1. Personal photos

Having an account of the time you spent with your loved ones in the form of personal photos helps you re-live those beautiful moments whenever you want. It is a great way to recollect on life. That funny shirt grandpa wore on his birthday will definitely make you smile everytime you see his birthday pictures.

Happiness is what we all aim at but our concepts about happiness are different. The answer to the question “do little things matter to make your life happy?” is well answered if you try out these little things in your daily life. You will definitely feel happier and more relaxed if you take out time to do all or even some of these things. Things as small as watching children playing and a 20 minute walk everyday can improve your mood tremendously. Isn’t this amazing? As it is always said, happiness is all around you. It is everywhere, especially in the little things that you often ignore and take for granted.

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