5 Great Fat Burning Foods That Can Help You Stay A Fit Mommy

Being Mommy, it is actually a hard job to build a good relationship with your children, look after the household and also feel good about yourself. Many women however, prove it all wrong by appearing as hot as before even after their 4th child. So rest of us all shouldn’t really lose hope and just practice these tips and hacks in order to boost metabolism to the right scale that will help us burn fat, than it did before. Sometimes having the right food also helps you lose weight, so it is not always about staying empty stomach, it is about staying full.

Whole Wheat Pasta:

Did I just hear a gasp? Well, its true pasta (whole wheat only) can actually help you in burning fat. These are the good kind of carbohydrates we are talking about. Unlike the refined form of pasta that quickly vanishes inside your stomach, whole-wheat pasta takes a longer period of time to digest providing all kinds of nutrients to the body and also keeping you full for the time being. Staying full for a greater time period helps you stay away from the junk that you usually snack upon. So, it’s time to grab some fat burning foods.

Sweet Potatoes:

We know the post is becoming more of a shock for many since most of the women would never have thought these foods to be good for fat burning, but indeed sweet potatoes are enriched in beta-carotene, vitamin A along with a wholesome amount of fiber and water. The list clearly depicts why we call it good for weight-loss. Since, fiber and water keep you full and hydrated along with vitamin A and beta-carotene that take care of the rest of the deal.


We would recommend the use of oats again for the same reason because they provide you with fiber that reduces toxins and unnecessary junk from the body by replacing them with good fibers. Fibrous foods are the best to stimulate fat burning. Oatmeal is composed of beta-glucan and the good kind of carbohydrates that won’t give you nightmares of turning into harmful fats.

Peanut Butter:

You weren’t technically wrong with your pb&j snacks but it needed just a little bit of tweaking. For instance, replace white bread with whole wheat/bran bread, exclude the jam and simply indulge yourself in the goodness of peanut butter. Nuts are actually good for controlling levels of bad cholesterol in your body and also reduce the risk of stroke. But make sure you consume nuts in a very controlled amount as excess of everything is indeed, bad.


People say strawberries but I believe that all kinds of berries are fat burning stimulants. All are loaded with vitamin C and act as great anti-oxidants helping reduce the level of free radicals from the body. Use of berries also freshen the skin and even have a positive impact on hair and nails. Berries are known as fat burners for they boost up your metabolism and govern your unruly cravings.

Some of these ingredients might be a shock for you but for positive weight-loss a positive attitude and mindset is the most important of them all. So before you decide to lose some inches, gain some faith in yourself.

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