How To Lose Weight In A Month

  1. Control The Size Of Your Portion:

This can be the most important part of any diet plan, that is you have to go against any sort of large portions of meal is you are planning to diet and want to shed some weight. There are many ways that describe properly how much food portion we should take every time in a complete day. The very first way is to set the portion for your proteins and carbs and for this case the palm of your hand works really well. Whenever you are cooking for yourself, keep in mind that you have to cook the right amount of portion. So while cooking, calculate the portion by placing the desired food in your palm and then set it for cooking.

By following the above method it would be much easier for you to forget the so called concept of “All-You-Can-Eat” which is very common among many communities and cultures. We have drenched too much into the buffet culture where we are not bound to the portion as it is unlimited and we just stuff our tummies with some unwanted food. Keeping track of one’s portion is very to lead a healthy life. The key is to eat less but eat good and healthy. We just have to eat the amount of food our stomach can hold, so try not to exceed that amount else you will start putting on excess weight.

  1. Dont Fill Your Shopping Card With Bad Stuff

You always have to consider the point of your purchase that is what sort of stuff you are going to buy for yourself. In most of the cases you end up gulping things you should not consider eating and you regret buying them but somehow you ate because you don’t want to waste that food and money. It is always advised not to shop with empty stomach; this enforces you to buy stuff you really don’t need and sometimes extremely unhealthy for you and for your family in terms of health and other health issues. Nowadays the marketing giants have put so much psychology into advertisements, packaging and positioning that is you are still not hungry, you will pick the items from the rack which are not required by you.

Once a piece of junk food has made a place in your home, it will call you from nowhere to eat it as soon as possible. And above all these junk items are filled with chemicals that make you carve and overindulge with these foods over and over again. So in order to lose weight fast, you need to cut of these over expensive and unhealthy foods from your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. You just have to control your temptation for such foods, so gear up and just work hard for your body as you have to lose that excess weight in a month’s time, you have little time left.

  1. Follow The Very Famous Re-hydration Therapy

Drinking water can make you lose weight fast and in the most reliable way. The thing that is needed is strong will power and hard efforts. This therapy works in many ways, first it enforces you to eat less because when your tummy is filled with water it never desires for more food or water intake. This is all because it sends the same signals to brain when your stomach is filled with food. It also helps your organs to function proper and well, especially our very own kidneys and liver. If your fiber intake is more than make sure you drink more and more water.

If you are not in a habit of drinking water frequently than it is not a problem for you, you can just start the therapy anytime it is comfortable for you. The therapy is not to drink tones of water suddenly, as your kidneys are not use too flushing so much of hydrogen dioxide in a day. Start with a slow place, add a glass of water with every meal and frequently increase the amount of water intake per day. You will start feeling the difference the time you will drink more water. The kidneys will flush away the toxins out of your body through urine and you will feel fresh, light and more enthusiastic towards your goal.

  1. Eating Alkaline Food Can Bring A Healthyh PH – Level

We really don’t have enough room to dig into some details. You need to understand the ways to make yourself slimmer in a month through some possible and safe ways. Our body is made to function well when our pH level is at a good state. Many superfoods that are alkaline in nature can go well with your diet plan. They can firmly raise you pH level when taken with your comprehensive pre-planned diet. Let us enlighten few of the benefits caused by higher pH level: In spite of getting rid of fat content from your body, it also helps to prevent cancer, liver problems, arthritis and other malicious diseases. The very good news for all weight watchers is that most of the planned diet is automatically equipped with foods that are less acidic and more alkaline.

Here are some foods that can really help you out maintain a good pH level such as pumpkin, broccoli, almonds, apples and strawberries. Let us also list the foods that have acidic effects on our body, they are noodles, ice-cream, meat, corn, cheese, alcohol, sugar and medicines. You don’t need to cut of acidic foods completely but have to maintain a ratio of 80/20.

  1. Purification Of Body’s Vital Parts And System

Whenever you are planning to start a healthy diet regime it is always preferred and good to start with a clean and healthy schedule. There are many ways to purify or cleanse your overall body depending upon how you feel about your health. This process involve liver cleanse, colon purification, heavy metal cleanse, kidney purification and parasite cleanse.

When you go for a colon rinse the best way you can follow is to go through colon hydrotherapy. Other than your colon becoming dependant to stimulants or laxatives, it will further become stronger and with stabilize itself to function well. For liver cleansing you need to take some extra care as it is the most important organ of the body. Its proper functionality can make other organs to function better. If your liver is filled in with toxins then it will make it difficult for you to lose weight, so drink as much water as you can. There has always been a debate about whether cleansing body organs effects weight lose or not, it is up to you now to try out the different methods and look for the differences. Try different methods to cleanse your body for better health and ideal weight.

  1. Increase Intake of Good Fats And Limit The Bad Fats

This is one great tip to lose weight but most people get confused with it, be like eating fat to lose fat, how? The answer is just simple; you need to understand the logic behind this strategy. It has been researched that not all fats are bad and some of them have good effects on our body, so cutting all of them from our diet won’t be a good idea. Learning the concept of good and bad fats separately can be beneficial both for your health and serenity.

If you have heard about trans fats and incase it is included in your diet then you are certainly making a big mistake. This form of fat is extremely unhealthy and dangerous for your overall body functionality and health. You ought to omit this fat from your daily diet. There is also a fat family that must be eliminated from your diet and try to add a wholesome of good fats in your diet to keep yourself smart and fit for the future. Foods that contain good fats are peanut butter, avocado, olive oil, safflower oil and walnuts. Try to add this bunch of foods in your daily meals to lose weight and become fit.

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