Psychological Aspects Dominating Consumer Buying Behavior

The job of a marketer or advertiser is to convince consumer that they are selling exactly what they are looking for. Different tactics, strategies and plans are being used by marketers to succeed in positioning their product as best to consumers. Psychological factors plays a great role in attracting people towards the thing you are offering. Mindful psychological tricks helps the most in selling goods.

What Motivates Buying Behavior??

The basic factor that motivates buying behavior is ‘Need’. Need urge the behavior to fill the requirement. You buy food when you are hungry, you buy clothes to cover your body, buying behavior is not limited to basic needs but it rules all over the needs for example you buy branded dresses, shoes and other accessories just to look stylish. If your article drives their motivation you are the best marketer.

Ir-regular Pattern

Ir-regular patterns attract one’s attention in an instant as they are unusual they look different, sometime annoying but best at grabbing attentions.

Effect of Colors

Colors are the most powerful elements, colorful objects always mesmerizes people. But suitable color scheme always works instead of opposites. Different colors attract different sort of people according to psychology

Colorful dimensions

  • Red, usually shows the danger and as it is a sharp color it attracts the most and shows urgency or usually used for the word “SALE” and to highlight the discount offers.
  • Green, it is the easiest color which gives the feels of relaxations and message of peace men are more attracted to color green.
  • Black, the most powerful and sleek mostly used for luxury and expensive goods.
  • Pink, feminine and romantic color gives girlish vibes mostly used in feminine accessories.
  • White, it sooths soul and give positive vibes mostly used in anti-aging or beauty products.

Guaranteed Labeled Products

Products with guarantee and discounts are always crowded by people it is the second most powerful tact for increasing the rate of selling. Guarantee gives the way to trust them with their product cause you have the option to change it if it does not works for you.

Social Recommendations

People surely buy things which are recommended by someone whom they trust so make your that your product/article have known position in society.

Importance of Reviews

Now-a-days there are so many variety for a single product that people are confused to select the best so they first try to take reviews of others who have used that product to make sure that if they are only wasting their money or having the best they can get. Marketers use social proofs for the satisfaction of consumers that they are going to experience the best thing.

Out-of-stock Announcements 

Products with the statement of the remaining articles i-e “4 pieces left” make the buyers bit worried that if they are going to miss that product so they rush towards that article and try to get it as soon as possible for them.

Seductive Power of the word “SALE”

Price effects people’s buying behavior on a very large scale, the increase in price is the increase of the risk people are going to take by purchasing your product. Word sale has the magnetic powers it attracts people at once specially ladies who are fond of shoppings and want to buy maximum things into limited budget. It increases the rate of selling and consumers.


Friendly Behavior of Sale-Man

It is very important to be humble and friendly towards your customers, it gives the positive and healthy vibes and makes easy to gain their trust, such psychological trick triggers the emotions of consumer and buying behavior. And after shopping a single look of gratitude may enhance the trust level and there are more chances that they came back to you soon.

These are the best psychological rules which can gain the trust of consumer and triggers the buying behavior.

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