Major Causes And Different Types Of Depression

Have you ever noticed what causes clinical depression? Why there are different states in depression? Does depression often occurs with grief? Why some people get depressed while other’s just dont ?

The long term feeling of severe depodancy and dejection, which varies from days to weeks and weeks to months is termed as “Depression”.

Depression is one of the major “Mental Disorder” which has a great impact on one’s mind, personality traits, behavior and cognitive processes. It is not just a temporary change in mood but it is a very serious mental condition.

Types Of Depression

Different people face different conditions of depression such conditions are categorized in types some of different types of depression are:

Major Depression

Such depression may cause loss or gain in weight, trouble to sleep, trouble concentrating.

Persistent Depressive Disorder

It may last for two years or long. It is also known as dysthymia.

Postpartum Depression

In such condition after giving birth to a child most of the women stops copping with life and feel depressed.

Psychotic Depression

Such depression may cause with the symptoms like hallucination, delusion.


There are some of main causes of depression, to over come depression first you have to determine the main cause of your depression. No one exactly knows the main reason of depression but it may result in variety of reasons. There are number of factors in our daily life happenings which leads to depression including:

  • Personal Issues, this is related to the inner condition of a person such as social isolation due to other mental illness which can cause severe depression.
  • Work Load, may increase 70% chances of depression.
  • Traumatic Events, some traumatic events i-e death of close one, Accident or other events may cause clinical depression.
  • Abuse, physical, sexual or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to depression.
  • Specific Medications, some drug have such properties that they can be the major cause of depression.
  • Genetic, It may be an inherited condition as if a family member is suffering from sever depression it may involve in genes as well.
  • Hormonal, any hormonal changes pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problems or other disorders can cause depression.
  • Alcohol And Drugs, sometime people try to find solution for their miserable life by starting drinking or smoking such activities may involve in developing depression.
  • Personality Traits, low self-esteem and being overly self-critical may lead you on the path of depression.
  • Financial Crisis, this is one of the major cause of depression, only 30% people who face down fall make up their deficiencies, others just become a victim of depression.

Presence of these symptoms for a long time period i-e weeks to months may  lead to clinical depression. But if you are experiencing such symptoms for short time there may be any other reason behind them. One should treat depression through natural sources instead of medications.


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