Your Fears Should Not Hold You Back From What You Want To Do In Life

Life is too short to compromise on some experience just in the name of fear. If one truly wants to live and enjoy life, then fears should not hold one back. These fears limit your full potential and often they are the reasons why one is unable to discover one’s full potential. Even though fear makes you feel as such, you are not broken physically or mentally. There are many reasons why your fears should not hold you back from what you want to do in life. Check out these tips on how to overcome them effectively. Follow them and enjoy a fearless life at its best.

8- Acknowledge your Fear:

There is no running away from fear. It is best to acknowledge it, the way it is. It is the biggest step on the road to overcome the fear and it takes herculean will power and effort to perform this act. If you do this, you are half way home! Often we pretend that our fears are not there and that if we don’t indulge in something it is out of lack of interest rather than fear.

But that does not make the fear any less important or less vicious. Acknowledge the fear and at least you will know what kind of force you are dealing with. Doing this you can better fight against your fear and get rid of it.

7- Write on it:

Make a diary or a journal and it helps heaps. This way you can quantify the struggle you have put in to overcome the fear and what outcomes have you achieved. You externalize the fear as you try to write about it. If you are writing about something, it gives you a sense of control over that thing.

That is a huge asset if you wish to overcome your fears. Throw away your writing if you must, but any method will work wonders here.

6- Think on the Worst Case Scenario:

Ask yourself what would be the worst thing that could happen to you with this fear. Often our fears are not as bad as we think that they are. Reasoning with oneself can often lead one to grow out of that fear. To find justifications to support the fear and which make it pointless. If you are afraid of failing in a new job, ask yourself about the consequence, the impact on your career and the impact on your life.

Will you be able to move on from that event or not. These are questions which tell you the extent of your fear. Your fears should not hold you back from what you want to do in life. Hold them back with this trick.

5- Just Do it:

If you are compelled that thinking and reasoning can never sway your mind, then you don’t need them. If you are feeling nervous, just do it anyway. Try to think less in the heat of the moment about your fear. Distract the fear with other thoughts. This is the perfect way to overcome everyday phobias and it is alas the only way to pull impossible stunts. It will certainly work with your fear.

You will discover new enjoyments, new opportunities will arise and in no time, you will be enjoying life to a fuller extent.

4- Train and Arm Yourself:

Just like in battles, you need to prepare yourself. Arm yourself with practice or with skills that may help you defeat your fear. Devise a battle plan and work accordingly. A larger fear or a fear that has to do with your career can be overcome with this method.

It is especially the perfect remedy for the fear of failure. Practice again and again. Invest more of your time to the task at hand. Work according to the battle plan, and when the time comes, you will undoubtedly be successful.

3- Take Small Steps:

The just do it method does seem to work with your fear. It can be either because your fear is based on a multitude of experiences or that it affects a bigger span of time. In this case, the best course of action is to take small but sure steps. Try to conquer your fear in small steps. Every step should be a sure move, a guaranteed success. When it ends, start looking for the next step.

With consistent struggle, you are certain to overcome your fears. Your fears should not hold you back from what you want to do in life. With this method, you will get rid of them for good.

2- Feel the Fear:

If you have acknowledged your fear, all the efforts you employ to overcome it, would count too much. Contrarily, if you haven’t had a feel of that fear, your efforts to fight against it will be fruitless. Sometimes, we are reluctant to think of our fear. We are often even embarrassed to admit the fear to ourselves.

Repeat to yourself that there is nothing wrong with the fear. Experience it fully, and when the time comes, you will certainly know what you are fighting against.

1- Celebrate Every Success:

If you get something right, celebrate about it. Reward yourself for your effort. It keeps you motivated to maintain the struggle against your fear and it is crucial for a sustained long-term plan. Use each success as a milestone for the long term victory. Get motivation from your idols and ask for the help of your closest friends.

Some fears are good. They make us human and they contribute to our survival extinct. These fears are not debilitating in any way. But there are other forms of fear which we should avoid. These may include phobias or fears or failure or rejection. If you are suffering from such a fear, it is best to do something about it. Try to remedy it as best you can. Your fears should not hold you back from what you want to do in life. Merely hiding from these fears won’t do, so the above text tells a few steps which you should follow if you want to defeat and overcome your fears.

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