5 Signs That Your Kid Is Lying To You

Mothers have to face to a lot in terms of bringing up their children in the best of ways. Because with the immensely evolved population that is comprised of so many wrongs it is always a matter of stress when your kids comes in home late from school, or stays isolated in his/her room for a longer period of time than usual, uses the restroom more often, and so on.

While whenever you end up confronting them, they always have a story to tell and the story seems legit to you but still deep down inside your motherly instinct tells you that there’s something wrong and that your kid might be lying to you. This can be true and we can help this motherly instinct of yours by associating it with some gestures that the kids usually make unconsciously while they are lying or intending to lie.

  1. Inappropriate Eye Contact:

This is the ground rule that most of the people know by now that whenever someone is lying be it a kid, an adult, a spouse and so on, if they are avoiding any kind of eye contact the doubt is there for they are lying. There is the aspect of consciousness that keeps on hindering their thoughts and words together. But what we want to explain is that some kids are much smarter than parents can imagine them to be. By watching movies, TV, going through social media kids these days are far more smarter than we can even imagine. Some kids might master the game of avoiding eye contact and they would be looking straight into your eyes while they will be lying about them being at McDonalds with their friends after school hours.

  • Too less and too much of eye contact are accounted as the same.
  • Kids that prefer looking at different features of your face are trying to think of backlinks to their story just so they can get through the counter questioning session.
  • Kids that are clever might look you in the eyes and keep on rambling the story and will forget to look anywhere else altogether, this is fishy.
  • Consider the story twice before accepting it.
  1. The Nervous Fidgeting:

What do you do when your boss asks you why are you arriving late for the past three days? If you don’t have a valid answer and you are standing with your hands slowly caressing your chair while you visibly narrate the story, then you should know that your boss knows you are lying. The same way kids often do the same out of nervousness or from the fear of getting caught.

  • When you ask; Linda whom were you with when you were coming back from school?’ and Linda goes on touching and running her fingers through her tresses more than the usual or keeps on running her hands on the school bag, it is definite she was out with a guy.
  • Some kids usually move a lot while talking, this doesn’t mean they are lying all the time. You need to have a keen eye to observe some kind of abnormality in the movement.
  1. Focus On The Eyes:

Yes eyes are your lucky charm to bring your kid down to confessing the truth. Kids are pretty clean from the heart and they often lie because they fear you immensely. Whenever they are being questioned they feel that the outcome will be negative in either way. However, most parents simply question the kids to build a positive relation as they need to know wherever their kids hangout or go to and whom they meet with.

  • Because of the fear of being scolded kids get way too nervous than they usually are.
  • For this reason most of the kids kind of lose track or control of their nerves and they often keep on repeating a gesture like the hand movements and the eye blinking.
  • Kids who are termed to be lying often blink too much or too little. Both of these are suspicious.
  1. The Uncontrolled Moments:

This is your cue is to understand that there is something fishy. Your kid has no intention to sit down and keeps on moving from one place or the other. When the mind has too much going on inside it usually loses track of whatever else the body is doing. You may be questioning your kid of a small thing and the brain would be running at high speed thinking of all the things that can relate to the answer it just processed.

  • Some kids won’t be able to stop their legs or their excessive hand movements.
  • While others will be found biting their lips or their nails.
  • As a mother you should be overly concerned about your kids developing any bad habits, as this in turn becomes a habit in the coming years and will completely destroy the entire outlook of their nails.
  1. Touch Me More:

This one might be cute to some extent to at least a toddler’s age when they touch their lips and deny while lying about destroying the tissue paper roll or gulping down the cookie. But when this becomes a slow habit for kids growing out of the toddler phase it gets ridiculously annoying.

  • Your kid will either pull at his/her ear or will go on scratching the nose the entire time you will be trying to the have a conversation with them.
  • This is like a tactic by them for you to concentrate more on their movement and less on their answers.

Being mothers you should be both lenient as well as concerned about your kids developing any such habit that isn’t morally right. But at the same time do not forget that they are still in their learning phase and sometimes it is better to keep a low hand on them.

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