Homemade Vitiligo Treatment & Remedies

You might have been surfing internet for days to find the relevant vitiligo pictures to identify the spots that you or your any loved would have it on skin. Regardless of which type of vitiligo you are suffering from, there are a number of homemade treatments that really works and brings up the expected out-come. The simple mixture of different ingredients that can be found in any kitchen can formulate some fantastic medicines that can efficiently counter the vitiligo disease. Following are some of the different methods by which an individual can formulate the medicine that may result in the betterment of a patient and beneficial to the others as well.

  • Mustard & Turmeric Oil
  • Lime Juice and Basil Leaves
  • Copper Utensil stored water
  • Psoralea and Tamarind seeds.

In order to go for the most appropriate formula, it is highly suggested to post vitiligo pictures of the concerned patient over internet and have a say from different users who might hold some experience in this specific niche. There are hundreds of blogs available on internet discussing particularly about this emerging disease. These blog have got number daily visitors who not only read different opinions from different users but also share their personal \ professional experience related to vitiligo.

  1. Mustard & Turmeric Oil:

It is considered as one of the healthiest food in terms of recovering dead skin cells. Whenever there is excess of hormones, skin pigmentation cells stop working partially or may die permanently, hence resulting in white spots over skin at different parts of the body. Mustard and Turmeric oil has been proven effective elements that boost the overall natural immunity. The oily mixture of these two elements does not only detoxify the body but also bounds the dead cells to work again.

  1. Lime Juice and Basil Leaves:

Almost every housewife does know about the benefits of these two elements separately as well as collectively. Basil leave is again a handy, useful and most common ingredient of the kitchen. It is well known for its fundamental benefits being anti-viral and anti-aging. However, its functioning capabilities and operational efficiency can be excited up to a great extent with the addition of lime juice. The collective efforts of both these elements do not only resist vitiligo to expand over the body but have also been a proven and suggested homemade remedy to counter stress and depression.

  1. Utilize The Copper Utensil Water:

According to a recent survey among vitiligo patients, it has been revealed that people who keep on drinking the water stored in copper utensils are found to have more healthier skin pigmentation cells than the other who prefer to drink through pet bottles. People who used to drink copper utensil stored water have responded quite efficiently against vitiligo. The scientific research proves that the water that is stored in cooper utensils gets ionized in a special way that is helpful for the body and helps stimulate the dead skin cells medically known as “melanocytes”.

Treatment over cure

In simple words, vitiligo can be defined as a disease caused by the overall decrease in skin pigmentation cells in the body. However, people have just come to know the exact medical term and awareness about this disease in recent years. In regard to this, doctors and scientists have been working hard on this specific issue that is increasing on daily basis among most of the people. There is no well-defined medically cured vitiligo treatment available in the field of medicine yet. But still, there are numerous ways by which the affliction of vitiligo can be decreased up to a great extent.

It has been reveled on the basis of scientific researches, studies and surveys that vitiligo basically depends upon the three factors namely genetics, environment and lifestyle. Vitiligo can be termed as a sort of autoimmune disease because of the automatic alteration in skin pigmentation cells. In most of the cases, they are referred to be dead hence not working anymore that is why white spots on the different parts of the body gradually start to appear.

Let us discuss all the basic factors which result in vitiligo in detail. If you over-come these issues from the start of your life, then this itself is a vitiligo treatment for you.

1. Diet:

Based on a recent scientific research, it has been revealed that continuous in-take of certain proteins can disturb the natural hormones in the body, especially the “melanocytes”, the cells that are responsible for skin pigmentation. It is highly suggested to have a balance diet and don’t fall for a single flavor all the time. In addition to it, lose your addiction of having processed and junk food. The best way to maintain a healthy diet is to include the fruits, vegetables, and meats equally in the weekly menu.

2. Environment:

Surrounding does a play an important role in the health of an individual. It is highly suggested to wear mask whenever you get outside and have chances of high environmental pollution. If body pain and especially head ache is something common to you then make an appointment with your doctor at the very first possible instant. Stress portrays a very negative impact on skin and is like a pathway for vitiligo to your body. Stress can either be directly or indirectly linked to environment. Try to appear in such environments where you find it comfortable to expose your body.

A very good idea of detoxifying your body naturally with the help of herbs is to go for greenery option. If you have got enough room in your backyard then you should start gardening. Plants are considered as one of the most effective tools of de-stressing.

Conclusively, it can be said that there is no definite, well defined, and medically explainable vitiligo treatment but yet vitiligo disease can be carried out of our lives and societies by simply trying homemade remedies that literally work. There is no rocket science involved to counter vitiligo. All that is required is the will and determination.

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