Facts About Hormones That Every Woman Must Know

Having a well planned out diet and adequate amounts of exercise sound great on paper, but do you ever get the feeling that something is not complete? You are missing out hormones. Knowing about your hormones is important but this is something frequently overlooked and underestimated by women. Hormones are responsible for so much more than the monthly cycle and the behavioral changes. Check out these facts about hormones that every woman must know. These are important to understand how your hormones function and whether you should try to do anything about that or not.

10- They are Important for Weight Loss

Deprivation diets are the new health measure, but they simply won’t work if the hormones are out of balance. That’s something very few women bother to check or relate. Deprivation diet puts your body under stress and consequently cortisol hormone kicks in. Fat cells stay their original size and number in the presence of cortisol. The worst part is when you turn back to your usual diet. Cortisol is still kicking around and as a consequence, your weight goes way up!

9- Hormones need Fat to Survive

Some of the hormones won’t get around in the body without adequate fats in the diet. These include the hormones produced by the ovaries and the adrenals. Without a proper supply of fat, which serves as building blocks for these hormones, you are going to become more susceptible to some common and other quite dangerous hormonal imbalance disorders and diseases.

8- Stress Hormones are the Priority

Nothing can stop them when the body is releasing them. The trick is to never let that happen. When the body switches to survival mode, the stress hormones do a lot of unwelcoming things. They suppress the immune system, cause digestive problems and they crash many of the normal functions and responses of the body. It is important to manage daily stress, because it’s the hormones that you need to keep down. It is one of the facts about hormones that every woman must know but it is constantly misunderstood.

7- Detox!

Pesticides, plastic containers and preservatives are chemicals we ingest through our processed foods these are toxins and they disrupt tons of metabolic processes in the body. They even act as substances which mimic the effect of hormones on various receptors. The same effect is brought about by birth control pills. The solution is continuous detox. You can detox regularly by modifying your nutrient intake.

6- Sleep is Critical

Your waistline and your physical energy are likely to take a hit if you cut your daily sleep time by a few hours. This leads to mood swings, overall lethargy, and various behavioral and physical conditions which can all be explained by faulty hormones. What this means is that sleep is critical especially for the adrenals and the pituitary hormones. Make sure you don’t make cuts from your seven to eight hour sleep time.

5- Food can Help with Fertility

Years of dieting and weight loss drinks might have left your body begging for nutrients. Micronutrients may be a scarce presence in the body and stress hormones may be roaming the blood stream. The solution is a good diet. If you wish to conceive, then a healthy diet can seriously help improve your fertility. Make sure you get all the micronutrients along with all the vitamins in adequate quantities.

4- PMS isn’t Normal

This is one of those facts about hormones that every woman must know. PMS is normal. If you are having the symptoms of PMS, then you should be concerned. These include bloating, acne, cramps and frequent mood swings. The body is not meant to have these uncomfortable episodes every month and they are never normal. If you are having PMS, you should be concerned about your estrogen and progesterone. Get a check up and may be try to balance it out with healthy lifestyle and diet choices.

3- Vitamin D is the Wonder-Hormone

It is a wonder hormone which is important because Vitamin D supports all the hormonal production in the body. Its impact spreads across the entire body from the pituitary to the ovaries. It is also a great hormone to boost immune system. Efficiency means you haven’t had much of sunshine recently. Try to keep the levels of Vitamin D on the safe side by getting enough sunlight or via diet. Not only that, this hormone also keeps your bones strong, and your eyes healthy.

2- The Thyroids Run the Metabolism

These hormones determine your metabolism in various ways. If they are low in the blood, the blood metabolism can get seriously low. If their level in the blood increases, your body starts to heat up. That means sweating, fatigue, lethargy and cold hands and feet. Other effects also include hair loss and even PMS. Be sure that the hormone is not at any abnormal levels in your blood.

1 -Too Much Exercise isn’t So Pleasant

Sometimes one gets carried away in the gym, or sometimes one gets motivated a little too strongly. You don’t have to do more and more to lose weight. Give yourself and your body a break! You don’t want your body to go into stress mode. Otherwise you are not going to lose any weight no matter how hard you try! Be smart with your exercise. Take breaks and only indulge in adequate amounts of cardio. Do that and you are probably safe.

We tend to ignore the hormones. Other health issues usually win the priority and sometimes it puts in tight spots with weird symptoms which we can’t explain. Hormone imbalance is not so rare. It is one of the common problems women have to face. The effects are much more than the usual mood swings and anxiety. Check out these facts about hormones that every woman must know. These will help you understand your hormone situation. See what you can do to ensure healthy hormone levels in your body.

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