9 Common Causes of Miscarriage That Should Be Avoided


What is miscarriage?

One can define miscarriage simply as the loss of baby before the 20th week of pregnancy. It is observed that many of the pregnancies end in miscarriage it also happens that when a women misses her period or the cycle seems to be missing and she will realize that she is pregnant there are prior chances of miscarriage before that even. Usually a miscarriage occurs in the first three months of pregnancy; such kind of miscarriage is called early miscarriage. The miscarriages which take place after twenty weeks of pregnancy are known as late miscarriages.

Symptoms of miscarriage:

One can identify the miscarriage if a woman knows its symptoms. Women when she gets pregnant should however take some workshops or awareness by reading books or through exploring internet what should she should be doing now in order to stop the risks of miscarriage or what are the symptoms of miscarriage so God forbid if she experiences any such things she should not take it lightly and tell her doctor what she should do next. The symptoms of miscarriage are:

If the bleeding processes from light to heavy there is a chance of miscarriage or you can simply say it’s one of the symptoms.

  • Cramps is also a symptom
  • If one faces abdominal pain it is also a symptom
  • Fever
  • Passing of tissue

If a woman is pregnant and experiences such kinds of things she should tell her doctor immediately without any kind of fear or hesitation so that she can cure her and herself in the early stage only.

 9 Causes of miscarriage:

Women need to understand the causes of miscarriage the causes of miscarriage are not understood these days. Miscarriages are also caused by other various factors. The 9 most genuine causes observed of miscarriage are listed below:

9- Chromosomal Abnormality

Sometimes the problems or the thing which led to miscarriage are not the health issues of child’s mother or father but there also occur other number of natural problem with the child as well often it is caused by the chromosomal abnormality in the child. The structure chromosomes have is tiny inside the cells of their body. Their body carries many genes. Genes are what verify your physical things or structure such as sex, hair and eye color, your baby’s blood type everything. In the case of the embryo has some abnormality of chromosomal the pregnancy usually results in miscarriage. Those couples who experience miscarriage a two or more than two times with the continuity it check came to  after getting it check by a doctor came to know that they are having chromosomal abnormality this abnormality don’t affect them but stop the pregnancy from occurring.

8- Abnormalities of Uterine and incompetent cervixes

As a women if one have abnormally shaped uterus or divided is called uterine septum. Usually miscarriage occurs because if the embryo don’t gets implanted in the first attempt it cannot implant or it don’t gets the nourishment it requires to survive.

  • Uterine anomalies is normally is the cause of 10% of miscarriages.
  • Incompetent cervix leads to miscarriage.

Toward the ending of first trimester fetus grows large enough to the limit that the cervix of women starts to bulge. If the cervix is weakened it doesn’t have the capacity to hold the fetus in. The physician you visit may not be able to discover this problem until and unless you have experienced a miscarriage or also if your pregnancy is going well underway. Uterine septum is not that big problem as it can be corrected with the surgery by some good doctor. The physician put a stitch in the cervix if its incompetent to keep it closed this is a procedure known as cerclage.

7- Immunologic Disorders

Autoimmune disease or the disorders make complications in pregnancy by a number of ways. The immunological system are actually a protection against germs sometime this system in a women consider the arrival of sperm as a germ when it gets into embryo and so miscarriage tends to happen.

  • The maternal immune system must anyway avoid rejecting a semi-allogeneic fetus in order to fight infections which are harmful to the mother.

There is not enough research in this area or the treatments for this case are still not identified but experiments are being carried out.

6-Thyroid problems and un-controlled diabetes

Thyroid glands and its disorders almost influence all of the mechanism system of your body. It doesn’t allow your body to rest freely. The same case is with the un-controlled diabetes.

  • Thyroid disorders don’t let embryo survive.
  • The effect of unconditional diabetes also makes it difficult for an embryo to survive.

One should try to make changes in his lifestyle or adopt such a life style which should help fighting against all such disorders and mishaps things. These disorders lead to problems such as infertility. The thyroid produces too many hormones that interfere with embryo while doing its job and make it unfavorable which results in miscarriage.

5- Life style of women

The life style and eating habits of a person also contribute to a great deal in the occurrence of miscarriage. There are number of your everyday thing you eat and drink which cause miscarriage.

  • Excessive intake of coffee or tea is one of the factor
  • Drug use. Smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol
  • Too much exercise during the pregnancy days.
  • Your mood also plays a great role.
  • Too much stress.

A woman for the sake of her child should take into account all unhealthy factors by which she causes harm to her baby and later on that harm results in miscarriage.

4-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The most recent cause observed these days for miscarriage is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Women who have PCOS also have the high levels of the male hormone testosterone which along with the other things cause an irregular ovulation.

  • They cause insulin resistance which prevents or stops the endometrial line from growing in a proper way.

It has also been observed that women who have reproductive age face the problem of PCOS. Treatment for such women with the use of ant biotical drugs is easy.

3- Bacterial Infections

A number of micro-organisms continue to survive harmlessly and help in the male and female reproductive tracts. All of the bacteria’s are not of same type they cause some major problems which in result lead to miscarriage.

  • Mycoplasma hominis and ureaplasma raise the risk of miscarriage living in the genital tracts of healthy men and women.

The bacteria present in the body of women inflame the endometrium which makes it impossible for an embryo to develop or grow. The bacteria cannot be detected by the symptoms you and your partner have to check that by testing. The presence of bacteria is not as such problem it can be cured through antibiotics.

2- Early and late marriages

Society pressurizes that girls should marry at a young age. The marriages which happen at young age of girls face issues because of their younger age. Same case happens with the women who gets married or expect at an older age also faces the issue which led to miscarriage.

  • The women who are under 30, 1 in 10 pregnancies will end in miscarriage
  • The women who are aged 35-39, up to 2 in 10 pregnancies will end in miscarriage
  • The women who are over 45, more than half of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage
  • Less care

The women who don’t take care after themselves or those who are not look after by their home and family members during their pregnancy also face a miscarriage.

1- It is necessary for an expecting lady to go for regular checkups

Some of the women themselves are lazy to visit doctors for their checkups which is really necessary for their child growth. The families of women also bound them to visit doctor but people need to understand that checkups and proper care of lady during pregnancy is really necessary.

Preventing Miscarriage

To face miscarriage is not easy for women specially when it is her first experience and she begins to feel how beautiful it feels to become a mother. There are always the ways to cure the things or to prevent them before occurrence. One should be rightly aware of the symptoms and causes of miscarriage in order to prevent it.

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