5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dry And Damaged Hair

Women suffer a lot from the condition of damaged hair. Not only do damaged hair become a nuisance during grooming but also become a source of additional stress as women often don’t find answers to hair fall issues. Women post child birth, go through excessive hair loss and they often tend to ignore it thinking that this is something that is either destined or programmed to happen. Though, this attitude is completely at wrong for the reason being that excessive hair fall can be a result of other problems that might be inside the body and re going unnoticed.

A few of these problems include nutrient deficiencies because mothers forget to look after their food and hydration levels once the baby becomes the center of their attention. There are many other reasons for dry and damaged hair that a lot of other women go through, these include; chemical treatment, dying, Ombre, and a lot more that most of us won’t even be aware of. Here is a list of 5 most effective hair care remedies that are made up of very simple and easily accessible ingredients within your own home.

  1. Olive Oil:

Every woman knows what oil does to the hair and yet most of us ignore the fact to get good oil massages. Not only are oil massages a great way to remove dullness and frizz from difficult hair but oil massage are known to nourish the scalp skin which in return promotes better growth than before. Oil massages tend to change the texture of the new coming hair affecting the overall feel of the hair. The way olive oil can be used is:

  • You can warm up ½ a cup of olive oil and then go through a very intense but relaxing half an hour massage with the hot oil. You can always ask your family members or spouse to do this favor to you and you can also return them the favor in the same way, so it’s a win-win situation for both.
  • Next step is to cover your hair completely with the help of a warm towel. The idea is to nourish the scalp and the hair with some natural warmth and nothing artificial or hard.
  • Finally after covering the hair for half an hour simply wash them followed with shampoo and conditioning.
  • The other thing that you can do is take 1/4 cup of olive oil and ½ cup of honey, warm them up and mix them well. Apply to your hair gently and leave it for well 30 minutes. Wash the hair with lukewarm water and shampoo and condition afterwards.

Tip: This olive oil and honey pack remedy can be used 1-2 times a week.

  1. Avocado:

This might be a shocker when we actually present to you effective remedies based on Avocados. This is actually true; Avocados are naturally enriched with proteins and these proteins in return enhance the smooth texture in the hair. Avocados are not only a good source of food proteins but these proteins also do wonders for hair.

  • There are two ways to make homemade avocado masks for hair.
  • The first method is to take ½ or 1 ripe avocado [depending upon the size] and take a small amount of olive oil along with it, inside a blender. Blend both the ingredients well till they form a smooth texture and can be easily applied on the scalp and hair.
  • Apply the mask on the hair and leave it there for 30 minutes or more and then wash it off followed by shampoo and conditioning.
  • With the other method you have to mash ½ or full ripe avocado and then mix in 1 egg yolk along with a small quantity of coconut milk, enough to change the consistency of the mask.
  • Apply this mask on the hair and the key for this remedy is a good massage that goes to 5-10 minutes long.
  • Leave this mask for a good hour and then wash it off following shampoo and conditioning.

Tip: you can use any one of these remedies once a week and be regular about it to find visible results.

  1. Eggs:

All we can promote through these remedies is that for better skin, hair and nails the use of protein based foods is essentially important, both externally and internally. Often hair fall occurs due to deficiencies and sometimes you can avoid hair fall and dry and damaged hair by supplementing your diet with good food proteins and also adding proteins to your hair care regime. Eggs are the obvious source of proteins and these hair remedies are full of them.

  • There are a number of ways in which eggs can be incorporated in the hair care regimes
  • One way is to simply whisk an egg and apply it directly on to hair. Then take a few minutes to gently massage it on the scalp throughout.
  • Cover the hair with shower cap for half an hour to protect it from the polluted environment and then simply wash it off and shampoo and condition.
  • The other way is to whisk 2 eggs with ½ cup of yogurt. Along with it add a small quantity of almond oil and whisk them well together to form a good mask.
  • Apply this mask on the scalp and the hair for maximum coverage and benefit. Wrap the hair in a clean towel for good 30 minutes. Finally wash the hair and shampoo and condition them well to get rid of any residue.
  1. Aloe Vera:

This plant has been found as a key ingredient in a number of home remedies to cure skin, hair, nail and even fitness issues. This is no doubt the miracle plant that holds the capacity to cure almost anything. Here as well we want to mention that Aloe Vera extract works like a miracle to not only eradicate problems like dandruff but also help to cure damaged scalp and hair. The plant due to its humectant properties helps resolve the issue of loss of moisture from the hair and scalp.

  • Use of aloe vera is very simple. You need organic extract of the plant that can be directly applied to the scalp and hair.
  • Leave the extract for 10-15 minutes before you wash it off with the help of warm water.
  • One other good way is to mix about 5-6 tablespoons of the extract [depending on the hair length] with a small amount of coconut oil and 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt. Mix them all really well and apply them on to the hair gently.
  • You can keep on this mask for 30 minutes before you wash it of followed with shampoo and conditioning.

Tip: You can follow any one of these remedies, once a week.

  1. Banana:

Yes no need to laugh at this point because this is not a typing error we are actually suggesting this as a very effective home remedy for dry and damaged hair. This natural product is a rich source of a number of minerals and vitamins that not only moisture the scalp and the hair but also work towards strengthened hair growth.

  • The process is very simply, just pick up a ripening banana and mash it up really nice. Now apply this banana thoroughly on to our hair and scalp and let it stay on for a 1 hour long duration.
  • After then simply wash it all off with the help of Luke warm water.
  • The next step will help you get rid of those unwanted overripe bananas. Pick up 2-3 overripe bananas and add them to the blender, to this add 1 tablespoon each of coconut and olive oil along with some honey, blend all this together really well.
  • Apply it on the hair and wait for 15-20 minutes before you finally wash your hair.

Tip: All these remedies can be used alternately every other week for better results. Also do remember to not overdo anything.

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