10 Pretty Neat Hair Masks to Save your Hair from Sweat & Itching

Sweat is everyone’s problem. Physiologically it is good for the body but no doubt, it is really really annoying. Getting drenched in sweat from head to toe in extreme sun or after workout is a feeling that everyone hates. Sweat on scalp doesn’t only give you a bad feeling but is also bad for your hair. You can ignore the sweat on entire body can’t do it on scalp because it ruins your beauty. Sweaty scalp leads to many hair problems including dry hair, dandruff, hair breakage, hair fall and of course, smelly hair. Preventing your hair from sweat is very important in order to have pretty looking healthy hair all year round. Try the following pretty neat hair masks to save your hair from sweat and itching and save yourself from botheration in summer.

  1. Tie your hair properly

It is hot outside or you are heading towards gym, the most fundamental thing is to tie you hair properly in order to save it from sweat. A high pony tail or bun will do the job. Take your time to secure your hair properly and make sure that it is away from neck and face. If all your hair is tied up in a bun, it will not get sweaty. You can use an elastic band and bobby pins in order to keep your hair in place. You can also apply hair gel to the back of your head in order to secure hair getting astray. It is a complete win if not even a single strand of hair touches your neck or face as you sweat.

  1. Blow away sweat

If your hair is sweaty and you are not in the mood of taking a bath, you can look presentable by blowing away the sweat. This is simple and easy. Just blow dry your hair in order to get rid of sweat. When you are done drying all the sweat from your hair, you can apply hair styling gel and style your hair again.

  1. Leave-in conditioner

It acts as a barrier against sweat. Apply any leave-in conditioner in your hair before you work out or go out on a sunny day. Leave-in conditioner will not let the sweat sit on your scalp or flow in your hair. Wash it out after work out and feel good about your undamaged hair. It would be one of the easy and pretty neat hair masks to save your hair from sweat.

  1. Honey and olive oil hair mask

Sweat severely damages hair, makes them dry and prone to breakage. It is essential to take care of your hair and keep them healthy. Honey and olive oil have moisturizing properties; they nourish the dry hair and make them strong and glossy. In order to prepare the mask, mix six tablespoons of olive oil with 4 tablespoons of honey. Apply this mask to your hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.

  1. Change your hairstyle

There will be a lot of sweat in thick and voluminous hair. You can save your hair from sweat by getting a good haircut. Getting a shorter hairstyle is bound to work because this way you will have less hair to worry about. If you have very long hair, go for a shoulder length hairstyle or a chin length bob look.

  1. Use antiperspirant

After thoroughly washing your hair, use an unscented antiperspirant on your scalp and forehead. Take a look at the ingredients list and make sure it contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Antiperspirants containing this ingredient are very effective at saving your hair from sweat. It is recommended that you apply the product at night so that it has fair amount of time to soak into your skin.

  1. Oatmeal Mask

This one is really good to save yourself from an itchy scalp and dandruff. Sweat in hair causes you to scratch your scalp again and again. Simply mix one tablespoon of oats with equal amount of fresh milk and almond oil. You can use olive oil if almond oil is unavailable. Apply this mask to dry hair for about half hour. It will prevent your hair from sweat and will give it an amazing look after you shampoo. Another of pretty neat hair masks to save your hair from sweat and itching.

  1. Allow your scalp to breathe

You can save your hair from sweat by allowing your scalp to breathe. Fancy hats might give you a good look but they do no good to your hair as they block the air flow to the scalp. This way hair becomes sweaty in no time and becomes itchy and smelly.  Avoid wearing any accessories that impede the air flow to your head.

  1. Cooling oils

This is a cool idea to save your hair from sweat. Cooling oils are really effective in keeping scalp sweat-free. Some of the most effective oils are tree tea oil, lemon grass oil and coconut oil. These oils not only prevent sweat but also give a satisfying fragrance to your hair.

  1. Rose water

Rose water is a natural deodorizer. Sweat leaves bad smell in hair. If you rinse your hair with natural rose water, your hair will smell really good. It also cools down scalp. Rose water is also helpful in preventing dandruff and hair fall. Rose water rinse is smart idea to save your hair from sweat and its effects.

The above tips of preparing pretty neat hair mask to save your hair from sweat and itching will keep your hair cool in the scorching heat of summer. It is not wise to ignore your hair health. They certainly get affected with heat and sweat. Moreover, it is itching that immensely damages hair and destroys their beauty. Try out hair masks and other tips mentioned above in order to make your hair healthier. Hair masks made out of natural ingredients not only repair your hair but also make them shiny and beautiful.

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